Power Plant

  • The farm can generate 235 MW during peak sunlight hours. Solar energy generation is dependent on natural conditions such as direction and height of the sun, cloud coverage and air temperature. Each year the plant will produce enough energy to power about 80,000 households.
  • This solar farm will be located on about 260 hectares of the former 500-hectare salt field. That is the equivalent to about 56 Tokyo Domes.
  • It is expected to reduce half of the CO2 emissions in Setouchi City, approximately 192,000 tons per year.
  • The solar panels used at the plant are "poly-crystalline silicon cell type". The technology is proven over several years and module structures and efficiencies improve on a daily basis.

(As of June, 2018)

Components of our power plant

Solar PV modules The solar PV modules convert sun light into electric power. It is a panel composed of a number of photovoltaic cells.
Combiner box This box bundles the DC power generated by the solar PV modules and supply to the power conditioner.
Power conditioner The power conditioner converts the DC power supplied from the combiner box to AC power.
Transformer   Booster transformer
  Main transformer
Transformers increase the voltage of power produced from power conditioners to meet the utility?s requirement.
Weather measurement instruments Solar irradiance and other weather conditions are measured at our power plant.
Surveillance cameras The security cameras will be used to check conditions of natural disasters and detect intrusions to the plant.

■Overview of the plant

Operation entity Setouchi Future Creations LLC Operation site Shirimi, Oku-cho Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture
Power generation ability Approx. 235MW Operation starts October 2018
Transmission line Approx. 16km Interconnection Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc.